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This EP by Sleeping Bear was recorded over autumn 2014 - winter 2015 and released on the first day of spring, 2015.

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It’s spring time, just in case some of you couldn’t notice through all the snow you’ve been getting. A time for hope, waking up and the future. Sleeping Bear, one of the best post-rock bands in operation today, have decided to welcome such a joyous season with a new EP titled Parinae, containing three incredibly sweet tracks. Sleeping Bear’s previous album was a masterpiece so if you like delayed guitars, emotional choruses and original post rock, you owe this album to yourself. Head on over the jump for the stream!

Even before I pressed play, that cover art made me smile. But when I did launch myself into the music, that smile turned to laughter and tears. The first track, ‘Callis’, is nothing short of one of the best iterations of “classical” post-rock I’ve ever heard. The simple melody at it’s best is Mono at their best. Second track ‘Machines’ houses one of the best intros Sleeping Bear have written, directly quoting sleepmakeswaves and made out of pure chills and emotion. Lastly, ‘Avalanche’ is…I don’t have the words. ‘Avalanche’ is magnificent.
The album can be downloaded for free. Sleeping Bear are fantastic. Can you feel the spring coming? I can.

-EK // Heavy Blog is Heavy

Building on a wonderful debut, Sleeping Bear illustrate that they are very much a band to keep an eye on.

Sleeping Bear is a post-rock outfit from Kiev, Ukraine. They released their debut self-titled full-length in 2014. While an under-the-radar release with a very limited audience, the reception it did receive was quite positive. The band followed this strong debut up with an EP, entitled Parinae.

Parinae is comprised of only three songs, all between six and eight minutes in length. The sound of the release is quite similar than that of the band’s debut, albeit perhaps marginally heavier. The music here still falls very much into the more Explosions In The Sky-influenced side of post-rock. Therefore, while uniqueness is not one of its strengths, Parinae’s quality compared to other releases within its chosen style is extremely impressive.

The three songs presented here all pursue a similar mood, and are generally relaxing. They are balanced in terms of emotional impact, avoiding being depressive while also not being overtly uplifting. The fact that none of the songs here are dramatically different from one another is the only significant complaint, besides the aforementioned level of similarity to other post-rock artists. Sleeping Bear executes the formula remarkably well, and each song on Parinae is exceptional within the genre. The opening track, “Callis”, starts off very soothing before progressing into numerous crescendos throughout a rollercoaster of a song. Next, “Machines” begins with a somewhat foreboding and solemn fashion before the driving melodies typical of the band begin to emerge. The closer, “Avalanche”, is certainly the heaviest track on Parinae, and perhaps also the best. While not deviating too much from the band’s tried-and-true, the soaring guitar lines of the song are simply riveting.

All in all, Parinae is not a departure in sound for Sleeping Bear in any substantial way. It is an important release, though, proving that the greatness of the band’s debut was no fluke. If Sleeping Bear’s next album is as excellent as their releases up to this point have suggested it will be, than the band will be well on its way to becoming one of the premier post-rock groups of our time.

argonaut // Sputnikmusic


released March 1, 2015

Recorded and mastered by Konstantin Naumenko (Sunrise Studio)
Artwork by Oleksandra Bochkor



all rights reserved


Sleeping Bear Kiev, Ukraine

Sleeping Bear is an instrumental rock band from Kyiv, Ukraine. The band formed in winter of 2011 and after several changes of line-up played their first concert on the 7th April, 2013. Their brand of classic post-rock is instantly appealing, providing comfort as well as encouragement. ... more


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